Monday, June 22, 2009

FMC Policy Summit: Oct. 4-6, 2009 - We want your input!

We know it’s Monday morning and everything, but we at FMC are unusually giddy. No, it’s not that triple-shot espresso — although that feels pretty good, too — we’re just excited about FMC’s 2009 Policy Summit, which takes place at Georgetown University on October 4-6.

Now, we know that’s a ways off, but you’ll definitely want to get it on your calendar. This time around, we’re inviting visionary speakers to wax philosophical about where this “music-in-the-digital-era” stuff is heading. We’re talking sky-is-the-limit, future-forward stuff, here — the kind of thing you probably won’t find at other music conferences. Of course, we’ll also be zooming up on the specific issues that impact artists and fans in a changing policy environment. And we’re currently testing some new social media tools to maximize interactivity before and during the conference. Then there’s the full day of practical, musician-oriented programming for all you real-world artists.

And we want YOUR input! We’d love it if you could spare about a minute of your time (literally, like 60 seconds) to take a five-question survey about our Policy Summit, and FMC events in general. It’s a great way for previous attendees to give feedback, and those who haven’t been to our conferences can plug in, too. Your survey answers are anonymous and confidential, but if you give us your e-mail address (don’t worry, we’re not spammers), we’ll automatically enter you into a raffle to win one complimentary registration to the event.

Remember, you can take this survey in about the amount of time it takes to figure out the next MP3 to play. (Or maybe flip the vinyl?) Head here to chime in.

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