Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week In News

Spotify CEO Talks Portability, Premium Service Growth
Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of music streaming service Spotify, says he wants to build on the early popularity of the ad-supported free model by developing a portable service and attracting users to the premium service. Jen Wilson,

Analysis: The Orchard Keeps Focus On Long-Term
The latest earnings results from digital distributor the Orchard painted a picture of a company with a focused long-term strategy for an increasingly competitive marketplace. Glenn Peoples,

The Future of Mobile Music: Will Labels Participate
Phones are frequently viewed as walled-garden alternatives, safe places for controlled media sales. But as phones evolve into handheld supercomputers, is the sordid history of the traditional web doomed to repeat itself?

Strapped For Cash, Music Fans Let Go Of CDs
California's Amoeba Records is the largest used-music retailer in the world. The checkout lines often wind deep into the clearance aisles. But not lately. These days, the real action comes from people selling their collections — and using the store as an emergency ATM. April Dembosky,

April Album Sales Down 'Only' 9%
U.S album sales were down 9.2% in April 2009 versus April 2008 according to data at Neilson SoundScan. The deficit is a big improvement over the 17.9% deficit in March and the 11.5% deficit in February.

Pandora: iPhone Driving Revenue Increases
Is the iPhone inadvertently aiding Internet radio? While Pandora’s main source of revenue is in advertising deals, a growing portion of the company’s revenue comes from affiliate downloads that drive sales in the iTunes Store or on Amazon MP3…and the primary mover in that regard these days is the iPhone.

Best Buy Has Plans to Sell Vinyl Records in Stores
Next time you go to your local Best Buy store you may see vinyl records as part of the product mix. While Best Buy does sell vinyl records online, the retailer thinks it may be time to expand accessibility to its vinyl record offerings by devoting space within their physical stores. Robert Silva,

Think Local, Think Indie at New Digital Music Shop
If you’re hoping to survive in the age of file sharing, it pays to be aggressive if you’re a Mom and Pop record shop. So the nationwide Coalition of Independent Record Stores just swallowed its pride and launched a digital music store: Michael Deeds,

How The iPod Changed Everything
While pirates bled the music industry, other businesses rode the tide and collected the booty. Former Apple insiders tell Matt Hartley how Steve Jobs did it. The Globe and

mSpot Seals More Deals: CBS Radio, Latest
Mobile entertainment company mSpot has now sealed deals with both CBS Radio and, according to details shared with Digital Music News over the weekend. Both properties are owned by CBS Corp., and are now being integrated more aggressively.

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