Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Podcast Interview Series: Peter Jenner

"We forget that copyright is a reflection of an underlying principle — that we the public enjoy and want to stimulate creativity. And we have to find a way of rewarding that creative work, or else [the artist] can't afford to be creative and develop in their skills and so on." — Peter Jenner

The latest installment of FMC's Podcast Interview Series features Peter Jenner, Secretary General of the International Music Managers Forum. In the course of a storied career, Jenner spearheaded London's legendary Hyde Park concerts and managed such acts as Pink Floyd, Marc Bolan of T. Rex and The Clash. He currently represents artist-activist Billy Bragg, whose recent Opinion piece in the New York Times inspired lively online debate.

Jenner is an impassioned advocate for artist rights and the importance of protecting musicians' revenue streams. He spoke to us about why artists need to be paid for recorded works in order to keep creating the music we love (and some take for granted).

Click here to listen to the entire conversation. (Warning: there are a couple of F-bombs, but they're delivered in an awesome British accent, if that helps.)

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