Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rehearsal Room Blues

Many of you may have seen the article in today's New York Times about the lack of affordable rehearsal space in the Big Apple. The problem, while hardly new, is getting worse due to skyrocketing real estate prices.

The story cites figures from, which is operated by NYC nonprofit NYC Arts Spaces. The group claims that 44 percent of musicians in NYC make less than $50,000 a year, and they're often forced to cut corners on basic living expenses in order to pursue their art. Places to perform are also becoming more scarce, as rents and operating costs for venues continue to rise.

New York City has a reputation for being expensive, but it would be a major blow to the city's cultural character if musicians are priced out of playing.

FMC is planning a series of educational gatherings for musicians in New York State in April. We’ll be talking about everything from payola to net neutrality, but also hope to hear from artists about their experiences with securing rehearsal spaces. Stay tuned for more info on those events.

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EmilyBowles said...

Thanks for publicizing the article on this critical issue.

You can read our entire report on the state of musicians' workspace in NYC by going to our homepage: From there you can also access our free database of spaces in NYC.

Emily Bowles
NYC Performing Arts Spaces