Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey Chicago!!!! Let's party like it's 1995!


Sure, you know back before the 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed extreme ownership consolidation to further ruin commercial radio and back before the Brand X case that put the future of the open internet at risk for indie musicians.

That's right... in honor of the September 20th FCC Media Ownership Hearing in Chicago, FMC is hosting a "ROCK THE MEDIA PARTY" at Delilah's (2771 North Lincoln Ave).

The Party begins on Wednesday September 19th, 8-11 p.m. With music legend Jon Langford and DJ Sean Doe spinning local hip hop.

Here's a delicious taste of the future media once we take it back from the corporate ogre.

Delilah's - Phone: (773) 472-2771

*A five dollar donation at the door gets you a free drink. All money raised will go to support volunteer efforts at the FCC Hearing on September 20th.

Photo courtesy or Clearly Ambiguous.

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