Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is net neutrality in trouble in the UK?

Disturbing development in the UK, where it appears some of the worst fears of net neutrality advocates may come to pass. Two British telecoms have warned the BBC that it new iPlayer video player, which allows users to watch BBC programs over then net, is hogging too much bandwidth and the news channel must pay extra fees if it expects to continue to get high quality service.

According to an article on a UK finance site:

Another source said: '...The nuclear option is to tag or deprioritise its traffic - that would not stop users downloading BBC content but would slow it down enormously.'

Pretty scary stuff. It's exactly the type of behavior that telecoms in this country have said would never happen. This example makes abundantly clear why net neutrality laws are necessary here. If it can happen to the BBC, it can happen to anyone.

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