Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Speak up for more low-power radio

We've already told you about our excitement over the radio stations that nonprofits around the country are applying for this week. But there's another campaign afoot to get new voices on the airwaves - and it needs your help.

You might know about the noncommercial, low-power FM stations that air music and cover community news and public affairs, providing unique local services all over the country. (Check out our fact sheet for details.) But opportunities to get these stations on the air are limited. Federal restrictions now in place require LPFMs to give their full-power neighbors a wide berth, keeping community broadcasters off the air in bigger cities.

Yet an independent study has proven these restrictions unnecessary, and legislation now pending in Congress would loosen these limitations and give more low-power broadcasters access to the airwaves. FMC joined musicians, community broadcasters and public interest advocates in June to publicize this effort.

By calling or writing your representatives in Congress, you can show your support for this important legislation. Free Press and the Consumers Union make it easy with forms here and here. And the Prometheus Radio Project offers lots more information, including instructions about reaching your reps by phone. Don't delay - speak up for locally owned and operated radio!

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