Saturday, October 13, 2007

Coming Soon: new website and new Communications Director!

We're going to turn off blog comments for a while, for two reasons:

1. we're in the process of hiring a new Communications Director. Blog posting and comment management is typically this person's job, and without that person in place we're unable to devote the proper attention to it. Luckily we should have the new Communications Director in place by early November.

2. we're nearly finished with a complete website overhaul at We're very excited about this project because, not only will the blog be integrated with the website itself, the new architecture will make it much easier for you to navigate and search FMC's filings, articles, campaigns, events and podcasts/webcasts.

We'll have comments up and running again as soon as we get the website overhaul done and the new communications director in place. We'll keep blogging in the interim but while comments are disabled, feel free to contact us at

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