Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Live! Tommorow! Final web.illish.us event!

Hard to believe three months have gone by and we’re now at the final web.illish.us event, which takes place tomorrow night (Wednesday, Feb. 18) at Silk City in Philadelphia.

Saving the best for last may be an understatement considering tomorrow’s jam-packed event. Appropriately titled “Threads & Cred,” this installment will focus on how net neutrality strengthens creative culture by facilitating innovation, real-time experimentation and collaboration. “Threads & Cred" refers to dialogue threads (as well as a pun on clothing) and the credibility you need to thrive in online (or real-world) communities.

FMC has partnered with realizePhilladelphia (a non-profit group that promotes social causes through musical and educational events) to bring you these events, which raise awareness about the importance of net neutrality to the musical and creative communities. (For more information on why the open internet is so important for musicians, check out our Rock the Net campaign.)

Tomorrow night’s event is hosted by Philly native Charles Gregory and includes performances from hip hop Grammy winner and Roots collaborator Dice Raw, experimental jazz group Drake and the progressive instrumental band MJ Project.

FMC will have our eyes and ears up in Philly, and we’ll report back all the highlights right here. Of course, you can always watch it live on the web via the web.illish.us site — the live music kicks off at at 10 PM, and there's also a studio-produced panel discussion that was pre-recorded on February 12th. This is the final web.illish.us event, so you really don’t want to miss out! Head here for more information; you can watch video archives of the previous “webisodes” here. Hope to see you there!

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