Monday, February 23, 2009

Caught in the Web

For those of you who were there, you already know that Threads and Cred — last week’s final event at Silk City in Philly — was one kick-ass party. For those of you who weren’t there, here’s a brief run-down on what you missed (You can also watch the video archive from the live webcast at

The jam-packed event saw local fans ready to hear a bracing mix of hip-hop, jazz rock and instrumental fusion. From the mysterious mood lighting to DJ Dirty South Joe’s between-set mix, it was obvious from the start that Threads and Cred was going to be a memorable (and musically diverse) occasion.

Philly’s Drake opened the show, amazingly and deftly combining two MCs, a cellist, a drummer, trumpeter and singer in a progressive stew that got the crowd hyped up and ready to dance.

Next up was rapper Dice Raw, who impressed with his stellar rhymes and unusual beats. Another local, the MC demonstrated serious versatility and creativity in a one-man show that totally rocked the crowd and clearly left them wanting more.

Headliner MJ Project’s was obviously the crowd favorite as evidenced by the wild audience reaction from the moment they hit the stage. Their funky performance was marked by intense energy which is probably why the exhausted crowd still demanded an extra 15 minute encore.

Whew. Talk about a party!

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