Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burning Questions

Hey, musicians!

Got a burning question about how changes at the intersection of law, technology and policy will affect musicians and songwriters in the future? Well, we might just be able to get you an answer.

All you gotta do is send us a video of you asking your question — remember, it should be about how technology, policy or law relates to music — and we’ll try to incorporate it into the programming for our upcoming Policy Day, which takes place in Washington, DC on February 11, 2009.

We’ll also post some of your queries on FMC's blog, and we’ll even do our best to give you something approaching an answer. At the very least, you’ll be that much closer to achieving music-wonk-viral video stardom.

Just follow these simple rules:

* the clip should be no longer than 20 seconds
* it can be submitted as a Quicktime (.mov) or MP4 (.m4v) video file.
* NTSC format is preferred, but we will accept PAL
* please don't use any music in the clip

Here’s the intro script you should use:

"Hi, I'm [your name] from [band or affiliation of some sort] and what I want to know is..."

Send your video question to: Please put "FMC video" in the subject line. We’ll be in touch if we decide to use it!

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