Monday, September 15, 2008

Events on the Brain!

Hi everybody. Sorry for the lack of posts lately — we've just been super-busy putting the finishing touches on our series of fall events. The first one is a musician education seminar called "What's the Future for Musicians?" that takes place at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music on Monday, September 22.

Not to toot our own horn, but we've been working pretty hard to make this event the best it can be. We're really excited about the programming, which will cover a range of topics — including how to use new technologies to promote and distribute music, the importance of open internet structures to musicians, information about health insurance, local arts funding opportunities and much more. there will also be five (count 'em, five) breakout sessions on new revenue streams, podcasting and webcasting, the "greening" of music, local arts funding opportunities and an activism roundtable.

The whole shebang is in conjunction with One Web Day — a global celebration of the open internet, or as some have called it, that "series of tubes." We'll also be hanging out at the Hideout Block Party on Saturday and Sunday (before the Monday musicians' event) spreading the word about net neutrality to concertgoers. Which means we'll be hearing sets from Neko Case, Black Mountain, Monotonix, Giant Sand, the New Pornographers and more. Tough work, we know.

After our escapades in the Windy City, we'll jet back to DC to throw ourselves into our final two fall events, which take place at The Public Theater in New York City on October 6.

The first is another entry in the "What's the Future for Musicians?" series; you can check out the programing deets here. Immediately following is "Creative License: A Conversation About Music, Sampling and Fair Use." That's right, it's the same date and location — just later in the day. Learn more here.

We strive to make all of our events affordable for musicians. The "What's the Future for Musicians?" seminars are $25, but a limited number of artist scholarships are available at the event websites:

What's the Future for Musicians? - Chicago Scholarships

What's the Future for Musicians? - NYC Scholarships
Creative License — NYC Scholarships

If you can't attend these events, you can still help us spread the word via our handy outreach tools:

Spread the Word - WTFFM? Chicago
Spread the Word - WTFFM? NYC
Spread the Word - Sampling NYC

Hope to see you there!

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