Monday, June 9, 2008


Future of Music Coalition's Michael Bracy and Ann Chaitovitz just got back from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they took part in the National Conference on Media Reform — a two-day extravaganza hosted by our friends at Free Press.

NCMR is the convergence point for the grassroots and the high-tech in the world of media. Music, which has become a huge part of our digital lives, is a definitely part of that picture. FMC Executive Director Ann Chaitovitz joined Board Secretary Bryan Calhoun for a panel called "In the Mix: Understanding New Music Services & the Bottom Line." The discussion took a look at new models in music distribution, explaining how they work and how artists get paid. The presentation was very well received, with extra praise given for its real-world usefulness.

FMC also co-hosted a party with Media and Democracy Coalition and The Media Consortium to preview our upcoming benefit CD, Rock the Net: Musicians for Net Neutrality. Cocktails were served, and the album was played from start to finish for the first time in public. But you didn't have to be at the party to hear the tunes — all NCMR attendees received a digital download card that let them purchase the album online for a special price for a limited time. The rest of you will have to wait until it appears in stores (online and old-school) on July 29.

Head to the official NCMR website for archived video from the conference.

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