Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SXSW Flashback!

A little while ago, we posted a recap of FMC's adventures at this year's South By Southwest. You may recall us mentioning a panel called “Mobility, Ubiquity and Monetizing Music,” which was moderated by FMC Board member Bryan Calhoun and featured advisory board members Jim Griffin, Peter Jenner and Sandy Pearlman, as well as entertainment attorney Dina LaPolt and Eric Garland, founder of BigChampagne.

Discussion centered on the much-talked about "music access charge," which would allow file-sharing through licensing agreements between content holders and Internet Service Providers. Digital music pioneer Griffin is currently working with Warner Music Group on this concept, and Jenner — who has managed such acts as Pink Floyd and Billy Bragg — seems friendly towards the idea. But noted rock producer and McGill University professor Pearlman suggested that any and all attempts to preserve intellectual property and copyright will be rendered moot by technology — probably within the next decade.

In other words, it was a fascinating conversation. Click here to watch a clip, courtesy SXSW's archives. You can also check out FMC's Michael Bracy moderating the panel "Selling Music as a Service," which featured experts like Matthew Adell of Napster, Vicki Nauman of Sonos, David Pakman of eMusic and Tim Quirk of Rhapsody. We hope the SXSW folks make the full videos available soon.

And stay tuned for our chat with Peter Jenner; part of our ongoing Podcast Interview Series.

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