Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FMC's Podcast Interview Series: Brian Zisk

"I think that fans like supporting musicians, and if you can find ways to more directly connect them, you'll find a way that works."Brian Zisk on new technologies in music.

Welcome to the second installment of our ongoing Online Interview Series, in which we chat with experts in music, technology, policy and law. This episode features FMC founding board member, Technologies Director and "serial entrepreneur" Brian Zisk, whose SanFran MusicTech Summit takes place at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco on Monday, February 25.

Brian spoke with us about his reasons for putting together the conference, and waxed philosophical about the tricky issues at the intersection of music, technology, law and policy. Listen to a full MP3 of the conversation here.


Alex said...

Where's the "Subscribe to PodCast" link?

FMC said...

Good question!

Not sure if Blogger has that as an option. When we launch our new website (which should be soon), we'll be sure to include that feature.