Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Morello, Stanton Moore & Boots Riley Collaborate!

Tom Morello

Relix Magazine
is reporting on an upcoming release from Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman, Rage Against the Machine), Boots Riley (The Coup) and Stanton Moore (Galactic, etc.).

The cool part is that Moore and Morello met at FMC's first Artist Activism Camp and "Musicians Bringing Musicians Home" concert — the latter which took place at legendary New Orleans venue Tipitina's in November of 2006. (The third annual event went down last week at the House of Blues). According to the article, Moore and Morello "bonded while standing at the bar of Ernie K-Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge." Bars have a way of doing that. Of course, so does inspired activism.

Boots Riley is one of the founding artists of FMC's Rock the Net — our national campaign for network neutrality. This issue is sure to be a hot topic through '08 and beyond; be sure to sign up in support of net neutrality at the official RTN site.

Epic Records will release material from the band, who are calling themselves the Street Sweeper, this spring. We're definitely looking forward to hearing what these guys came up with.


Negu Gorriak said...

I cant wait... i was at the show in boulder last night and heard more mention of the album drop in early 09. They preformed together and it was hott.

Anonymous said...

Got a Street Sweeper preview last night and WOW!!! I leaned to my wife and said "these guys are going to make a lot of money." By that I simply meant that Joe Q Public is going to eat this up. It's got a familial Rage feel -- think of that old comfy blanket lined with fiberglass insulation. mmm-mm good!!

Jason Z. said...

Although they sounded great in Philly, Rage fans and the Press are gonna shred 'em for being watered down RATM.

Boots was wearing the good old proletariat green combat jacket. He looked and sounded like a graduate-student version of Zach.

That said, I'll buy that album and see that show!