Monday, September 17, 2007

FMC Policy Summit begins today

Today is the beginning of FMC's 7th annual Policy Summit. Come join us at Betts Theatre at the George Washington University Marvin Center in Washington, DC for two days of exciting and engaging conversations about everything from network neutrality to the technologies that are bringing musicians and fans closer together.

On Monday, we welcome Senator Byron Dorgan for a keynote speech (2:00 PM), and then Marybeth Peters, Register, US Copyright Office, will participate in a special conversation with USPTO's Ann Chaitovitz about her 40 years at the Office, and the impact of new technologies on the copyright system. We're also doing panels about the state of the music industry, the public performance right, broadband policy, what the FCC payola settlement means for indie labels, EU licensing, the sample license clearance process, and what major label contracts look like in the digital age.

Check out the program details here
Directions to the venue

Limited walkup registration is available.

If you can't join us in person, there are a number of people live blogging the event. Here's one link.

We'll also have podcasts and webcasts of all the panels available 10-14 days after the conclusion of the Policy Summit. We hope to you can join us!

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