Friday, June 29, 2007

A musician needs your help

Perry Baggs, the original drummer for Jason & the Scorchers, is very sick with diabetes. He has racked up huge medical bills and needs a kidney transplant in the near future.

In order to raise money for their former band member, the Scorches held a reunion concert a couple weekends ago. The show was apparently great with performances from the Scorchers themselves, but also from former Scorchers members, Andy York and Ken Fox and the bands other associates such as Stacie Collins and her band, Warner Hodges, Tommy Womack, and the Bottle Rockers.

All the money raised at the show obviously went to helping Perry out with his medical expenses, but there's still a major need. Thanks to the self-proclaimed “Reverend of Rock & Rock” and editor of Alt.Culture.Guide, Keith A. Gordon, there just so happens to be another great opportunity to raise money.

The good Reverend has decided that through July 15th all of the profits from the sales of his latest book ROCK TALK will be donated to Perry’s medical fund. Rock Talk is a 116 page paperback book composed of black and white photos and 36 interviews taken exclusively from the Gordon’s personal collection including ones with the Scorchers, and Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers. If you purchase the book directly from Gordon himself via his web site and paypal, not only will you receive a autographed copy of the book, but roughly $5 will be donated to Perry’s fund. The book is priced at $11, not much to save a great musicians life, so everybody go out and buy a copy of the book and support Perry and his growing amount of medical bills.

Of course, FMC has been working for years to try to keep these type of benefits from happening via our HINT program, a hotline that allows musicians to get health insurance from other musicians who are experts in the field. FMC doesn't sell anything.

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