Monday, May 28, 2007

Sweet Home New Orleans

As we approach the second anniversary of Katrina, roughly 3,000 musicians remain without housing in New Orleans. The number is staggering, but New Orleans proved once again you can't keep a good city down and you can't silence its music.

The Indigo Girls, Damian Kulash of OK GO, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Pamela Z, Bonerama, and Al "Carnival Time" played Sunday night in front of more than 400 fans to raise money for Sweet Home New Orleans, a coalition of non-profits that helps Katrina displaced musicians find new homes. "Musicians Bringing Musicians Home" took place at the historic venue Tipitina's Uptown. (I forget to mention Matt Nathanson in the original post. Sorry, Matt. You did a wonderful job along with all of the other artists.)

The Indigo Girls played some of their big hits. Though he didn't have a treadmill, OK GO's Damian Kulash was equally entertaining with the backing of Bonerama. We should have photos and hopefully video up soon. In the mean time, here's a great piece about the event from ABC 26 in New Orleans.

Indigo Girls with the Baby Dolls

Al "Carnival Time" Johnson with Bonerama

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Anonymous said...

Please do not forget Matt Nathanson who also appeared. He travelled all the way in from San Francisco. He sang a few of his own hits along with a number with Jim James and an unbelievable number with the Indigo Girls! Way to go Matt!