Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Doyle kicks off DC Policy Day

Tap. Tap. Tap. Are we live?

We're finally live here from the "Music, Technology and IP Policy Day" at Center for American Progress after some initial tech-type hiccups. Check back throughout the day for updates on the proceedings.

Speaking before a packed house, Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Penn., kicked off the conference at 10 a.m. with a keynote speech. It was a wide ranging talk that discussed net neutrality, media consolidation and a government program for funding pop artists.

Doyle, who has burnished his indie cred in the past by mentioning hometown artist Girl Talk, said media consolidation is stifling innovation in music. He said Congress needs to focus on legislation that will allow more low power FM stations in urban areas.

"If a full power broadcaster can have station right next to it that doesn’t interfere with station. . . I’m wondering how a low power station three channels away can affect it,” he said to a round of applause.

Doyle said the Copyright Royalty Board had missed the mark with the new rates it set for webcasters in a March ruling.

“I’m concerned that the new rate changes have gone too far. We need to seek a balance,” he said.

Doyle’s most unusual comment was calling for a program that would fund pop musicians, so they can pursue their art.

“We need to find some way to make a career in music more viable,” Doyle said. “The NEA has done a great job of funding classical artists. Our country needs to look at doing something similar for modern musicians.”

The Radio Waves panel is on right now...stay tuned.

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