Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not keepin' it real on net neutrality

Normally, the FMC doesn't take things personally. We've been attacked repeatedly for stands we've taken on a range of issues. It just comes with the territory. But when a lobbyist who runs an operation funded by the telecom industry (which wants to do away with net neutrality) attacks a new net neutrality campaign (Rock the Net) as "lip synching" for liberal groups, it begs a simple question:

Who is the real Milli Vanilli?

Sorry Scott Cleland, it's definitely not Rock the Net. We have no problem with MoveOn, but this is a coalition founded by musicians, record labels and music fans to promote the principles of an Internet that is equally open to everyone.

Cleland calls Rock the Net a "cheap publicity stunt" and implies that Rock the Net is manufactured. The sheer number of bands and music labels -- more than 230 as of this afternoon -- show there is nothing cheap or manufactured about the campaign.

Actually, we aren't taking it personally. The attack -- as full of false information as it is -- is useful in a way. It shows just how manufactured the campaign against net neutrality is. When the only negative comment we could find about Rock the Net comes from a telecom shill, it
makes clear just how much support the anti-net neutrality folks have.

So Scott, stop parroting the telecoms. It's time to start keepin' it real!

(Disclaimer: the FMC apologizes to Milli Vanilli for associating them with a faker like Scott Cleland.)

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